Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My First Post

This is my first official posting to something that is totally new to me! No, not the writing. . . but the blogging. Writing is my passion, and my interests are vast. So, I can pretty much ramble on about anything!

I like this format. I feel that it will be a more appropriate medium to share myself & my thoughts, as opposed to MySpace or Facebook. I have found that I can import this blog into my Facebook account making it an effective means of communicating with family & friends. I have never kept a diary or log of any kind in my 46 years of life. This is a new avenue for me - a road not traveled yet. But, from all that I have read about journaling, it's a very therapeutic and rewarding journey.

I have always enjoyed reading other people's blogs - getting lost in their world. I don't even know these people, but it can be compared to engrossing yourself into a good daytime soap opera (not to say it's all drama) or a powerful prime time series. You begin to feel like these strangers are characters in a good mystery and you can't wait to turn the page into the next chapter.

So, here's to my first chapter. . .and hopefully many more to come.

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