Saturday, March 21, 2009

Back Home From Vacation

We are back home after spending 2 weeks in Texas. It was a working vacation for me, but still loads of fun. I taught 16 CPR courses in 10 days! Most of my family lives there, so we had a lot of evening time & weekends to enjoy their company.

It is taking a few days to get back into the swing of things. I am trying to catch up with emails & everyone's blog entries. There are some great deals out there! I will be back to post some of them later.

We are also getting ready for baseball season. We reported back to the Phillies on March 17th to fill out the normal load of paperwork. Our first pre-season game at home is April 3. Could we be World Series Champs again?? Stay tuned!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009


Last week, I took advantage of a Suave coupon I had for body wash. Shoprite had the Suave body wash on sale & I used a triple coupon to purchase it. Wow! I am impressed! I have never tried their body washes before. I bought the Cocoa Butter nourishing one. It not only smells great, but it is very concentrated. I use a dime-size squirt and it lathers up my whole body. Listen to me. . .I sound like a commercial!

Anyway, to the point of my post, I stumbled upon a great blog this evening by the Domestic Diva at She had a post about Suavenomics. Suave provided her with some of their products, and she was asked to try them out & compare them to more expensive brands. She was impressed with the results. . .Suave was comparable to & even in some instances better than the more expensive products! It was interesting to read about her experience & to watch her video. I am a firm believer in the quality of their body wash, so I will have to try some of their other products. I have already bought some shampoo & conditioners for FREE (after redeeming coupons)!

If you go to, you will be able to sign up with Suave for special offers. It took just a minute to fill in the required information. I know I am looking forward to LOTS of Suave coupons for future purchases!

the Domestic Diva

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rite Aid Coupon - $5 Off $20 Purchase

I love these coupons! Go to:

I love a good deal!!

Today, Mike & I woke up late & headed over to Denny's for a Grand Slam Breakfast. Of course, we did not leave without the handy-dandy coupon! We had the opportunity to try out their Grand Slam breakfast sometime after the Super Bowl when they were offering it for FREE! I'm not a fan of Denny's - had some bad experiences with customer service & cleanliness of the restaurant (in Houston). However, when we went here locally in PA, we were impressed with the facility & with the service & food. So, when I received coupons for BOGO (Buy One Get One), we were happily on our way for another treat.

It's been a week of freebies for us. I am finally back in the swing of couponing & rebating. . .and it has paid off fairly nicely. We made two trips to Rite Aid this week armed with a load of coupons & a listing of their rebates for February. On the first trip, we purchased $103.15 worth of merchandise. When subtracting the sales, coupons & rebates for these items, we ended up paying $32.14, which comes to a savings of 70%. Not bad! But, I wanted to do better! So, during our next trip, we purchased $57.70 worth of merchandise. After subtracting sales, coupons & rebates, we walked away with a 83-cent profit!! Everything was FREE!! I can live with that! Mike was amazed & walked out with a smile!

I have to admit it takes a lot of time to work these deals. I spend many hours on the computer corresponding with groups that specialize in couponing & rebating. I am on TONS of mailing lists with all the stores & restaurants that Mike & I like to patronize. And, I spend hours & hours each week matching coupons and rebates to sale items. All in all, it's a fun & challenging hobby. Over time, you experience the roller coaster effect - you begin to receive enough rebates each month to pay for your monthly expenditures.

As for eating out inexpensively, Mike & I take advantage of any program where you can BOGO breakfast, lunch or dinner. We have 2 Entertainment books for the West Philadelphia area. There are MANY moneysaving coupons in these books. It allows us to frequent expensive, fine-dining restaurants at an affordable price. And then, there are times when I receive coupons for the entire dinner FREE. Yesterday, I shared on Facebook the link to acquiring coupons for a FREE Quizno sub. Mike & I took advantage of those coupons yesterday evening. Not bad for FREE!!!

It's a bit more difficult calculating our grocery savings, but we do save approximately 75% during most of our trips. I can say that our total grocery expenditure this week has been $16.00, and we bought well over a $100 worth of groceries for that amount. We have the advantage of shopping at a grocery store that triples coupons. When that 50-cent coupon becomes a $1.50, many items are FREE.

I don't always have the time to acquire all the deals, but I give it my best shot & I have a ton of fun reaping the rewards of my efforts. I have met people online who hardly ever pay for anything. They spend countless hours researching & sharing with the rest of us who share in their hobby. It has become a job for many, but when you think about it - it's actually a lucrative income when you fully master the skill.

There's not too many hobbies that produce this amount of income. . .so, I think it will be a hobby of mine for a long time to come! I love the thrill of a good deal!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My First Post

This is my first official posting to something that is totally new to me! No, not the writing. . . but the blogging. Writing is my passion, and my interests are vast. So, I can pretty much ramble on about anything!

I like this format. I feel that it will be a more appropriate medium to share myself & my thoughts, as opposed to MySpace or Facebook. I have found that I can import this blog into my Facebook account making it an effective means of communicating with family & friends. I have never kept a diary or log of any kind in my 46 years of life. This is a new avenue for me - a road not traveled yet. But, from all that I have read about journaling, it's a very therapeutic and rewarding journey.

I have always enjoyed reading other people's blogs - getting lost in their world. I don't even know these people, but it can be compared to engrossing yourself into a good daytime soap opera (not to say it's all drama) or a powerful prime time series. You begin to feel like these strangers are characters in a good mystery and you can't wait to turn the page into the next chapter.

So, here's to my first chapter. . .and hopefully many more to come.